• #2
  • Desi Poonam had always been a shy and reserved girl, but her encounter with the tailor changed everything. It was a hot summer day when she went to get her clothes stitched and little did she know that she would end up having the wildest ride of her life. As the tailor took her measurements, Poonam couldn't help but feel a strange attraction towards him. And when he leaned in to take her bust measurements, she couldn't resist his touch. The tailor, sensing her desire, took her on a wild ride that left her Petite – Skinny breathless and wanting more. The Indian MMSsex scandal that followed was the talk of the town, with people eagerly listening to the sex audio Kannada of Poonam's moans and groans. But little did they know, Poonam was not just any girl, she was a wild and passionate lover who craved for more. Her xxx garl desires were fulfilled by the tailor, who knew exactly how to please her. And as she lay there, spent and satisfied, she couldn't help but think of the next time she would visit the tailor for another wild ride. But this time, she would make sure to bring along her favorite Savita Bhabhi Hindi comics to add some spice to their already steamy encounter. Poonam had discovered a new side to herself, a side that craved for pleasure and adventure. And she was ready to explore it all with the tailor by her side.
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