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  • Mumbai Model Gets Hard Fuck from Director on the Table The Mumbai model, Keerthi Suresh, was excited to have landed a role in a new film. She had always dreamed of becoming an actress and this was her big break. However, little did she know that the director, Sofia Ansari, had other plans for her. As soon as Keerthi arrived on set, Sofia called her into her office. The director was known for her strict and unconventional methods, but Keerthi was determined to impress her. However, she was not prepared for what came next. Sofia asked Keerthi to take off her shoes and socks and stand on the table in front of her. Confused, Keerthi did as she was told. Sofia then began to admire Keerthi's feet, commenting on how beautiful and well-maintained they were. Keerthi blushed, feeling a bit uncomfortable. But before she could say anything, Sofia grabbed her feet and started kissing and licking them. Keerthi was shocked but couldn't deny the pleasure she felt. Sofia then pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, I want to see you in action, on the table. Keerthi was hesitant deep throat sloppy at first, but Sofia's touch and words were too tempting to resist. She gave in to her desires and the two women engaged in a steamy chudai session right there on the table. Keerthi couldn't believe how good it felt to be dominated by her director. As they both reached their climax, Keerthi realized that this was not just a one-time thing. She had found a new passion and a new director who could bring out the best in her. From that day on, Keerthi and Sofia's relationship went beyond just a professional one, with their love for feet and black girls bringing them closer together. The film was a huge success, and Keerthi became known as the actress who was not afraid to explore her sexuality on and off-screen. And it was all thanks to the hard fuck she received from her director on the table.
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