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  • Meet Shaista, the provocative housewife from Patna who is not afraid to explore her wild side. In a chance encounter with a bi-sexual couple, Shaista Tattoos 's desires are ignited and she indulges in a steamy and lewd encounter. With her seductive moves and insatiable appetite, Shaista takes control and shows the couple a whole new level of pleasure. As they engage in a passionate doggy style, Shaista's moans fill the room, driving them both to the brink of ecstasy. But Shaista is not done yet, she suggests a workout session to keep the heat going. As they sweat and pant, the trio reaches new heights of pleasure, just like in a China blue film. Don't miss out on this hot scene from Ullu, where Shaista proves that she is not just a housewife, but a seductress in the bedroom.
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